Synonyms and Antonyms of distant

  1. 1 not close in time or space the distant towers were barely visible in the fog Synonyms away, deep, far, faraway, far-flung, far-off, remote, removed Related Words apart, devious, isolated, lonesome, nowhere, obscure, odd, outlying, out-of-the-way, retired, secluded, secret, sequestered Near Antonyms adjacent, adjoining, contiguous Antonyms close, near, nearby, nigh

  2. 2 having or showing a lack of friendliness or interest in others was distant and distracted all throughout the interview Synonyms aloof, antisocial, asocial, buttoned-up, cold, cold-eyed, detached, cool, dry, frosty, offish, remote, standoff, standoffish, unbending, unclubbable, unsociableRelated Words indrawn, introverted, nongregarious, recessive, reclusive, reserved, unsocial, withdrawn; misanthropic; apathetic, hard, indifferent, unconcerned; clinical, dispassionate, impersonal, professional; disinterested, incurious, uninterested; reticent, silent, taciturn, uncommunicative; diffident, shy, timid; cliquey, cliquish, clubbishNear Antonyms boon, clubbable (also clubable), clubby, companionable, convivial, extroverted (also extraverted), gregarious, outgoing; communicative, expansive, garrulous, talkative; affable, folksy, genial, gracious, hospitable; agreeable, amiable, congenial, kindly, neighborlyAntonyms cordial, friendly, sociable, social, warm

  3. 3 being not of the same kind a marriage between two people from very distant cultures Synonyms disparate, dissimilar, different, distinct, distinctive, distinguishable, diverse, nonidentical, other, unalike, unlikeRelated Words divers, miscellaneous, mixed, several, sundry, variant, varied, various; differentiable, discriminable; alternate, alternative, individual, particular, peculiar, single; disproportionate, divergent, unequalNear Antonyms equal, selfsame; equivalent, tantamount; akin, analogous, comparable, homological, homologous, related; homogeneous, homogenous, uniformAntonyms alike, identical, indistinguishable, kin, kindred, like, parallel, same, similar

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