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  1. 1 not married there was such a shortage of single men in the neighborhood that he had his pick of girlfriends Synonyms unattached, unmarried, unwed Related Words fancy-free, footloose; marriageable, unpaired; divorced, separated Near Antonyms mated, paired; affianced, betrothed, committed, engaged, pledged, promised; remarried Antonyms attached, espoused, hitched, married, wedded (also wed)

  2. 2 belonging only to the one person, unit, or group named any view expressed on the newspaper's editorial pages is the single opinion of the writer of the column Synonyms exclusive, sole, unsharedRelated Words proprietary; personal, privateNear Antonyms common, communal, conjoint, cooperative, joint, multiple, mutual, pooled, public, shared, unitedAntonyms nonexclusive

  3. 3 not physically attached to another unit the average price of single homes in the area Synonyms detached, disconnected, discrete, free, freestanding, separate, unattached, unconnectedRelated Words independent, self-contained; individual, privateNear Antonyms adjoiningAntonyms attached, connected, joined, linked

  4. 4 not being in the company of others a restaurant where the single diner is made to feel welcome and given the same level of service as couples or groups Synonyms lone, lonely, lonesome, alone, solitary, solo, unaccompaniedRelated Words unattended, unchaperoned; forlorn, friendless; cloistered, disassociated, hermetic (also hermetical), insulated, isolate, isolated, remote, retired, secluded, withdrawn; quarantined, segregated, separated, sequestered; separate, unattached, unconnected, unlinked; detached, disconnected, disjointed, dissociated, disunited, divided, fractionated; abandoned, adrift, deserted, desolate, forgotten, forsaken, lorn, neglectedNear Antonyms attended, chaperoned, escorted; adjacent, adjoining, communicating, contiguous, neighboring, next-door; attached, connected, coupled, linkedAntonyms accompanied

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a trip made at another's expense

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