Synonyms and Antonyms of wed

  1. 1 to give in marriage the king wished to wed his favorite daughter to the bravest knight in the realm Synonyms espouse, match, marryRelated Words commit, engage; affiance, betroth, pledge, promise

  2. 2 to perform the ceremony of marriage for the priest usually weds six to eight couples a month Synonyms marryRelated Words match, mate; conjoin, connect, unite; affiance

  3. 3 to take a spouse she swore that she would never wed Synonyms marryRelated Words couple, mate; pair off, remarryNear Antonyms divorce, separate

  4. 4 to take as a spouse a true romantic, he intends to wed her on Valentine's Day Synonyms espouse, marryRelated Words affiance, betroth, commit, engage, pledge, promise, propose; remarryNear Antonyms separate (from)Antonyms divorce

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