Synonyms and Antonyms of band

  1. 1 a circular strip a band of cloth tied around his wrist Synonyms band, circle, eye, hoop, loop, roundRelated Words belt, cincture, collar, girdle; wreath; annulet, becket, coil, curl, furl, hank, spiral, spire, twirl, whorl

  2. 2 something that physically prevents free movement the dog was forced to wear a band around its muzzle until it learned not to nip people Synonyms band, bind, bracelet, chain, cuff(s), fetter, handcuff(s), irons, ligature, manacle(s), shackleRelated Words captivity, confinement, constraint, curb, enchainment, enslavement, hindrance, immurement, imprisonment, incarceration, restraint, restriction; entanglement, net, trammel, trap; collar, straitjacket (also straightjacket); fastener, hobble, hold, hold-down, holding, tie

  3. 3 a line or long narrow section differing in color from the background skunks have a band of white down their backs Synonyms band, bar, streakRelated Words blaze, crossbar, pinstripe



Synonyms and Antonyms of band

  1. 1 a usually large group of musicians playing together that traveling band needs to find a new singer Synonyms orchestra, philharmonic, symphony, symphony orchestra Related Words brass band, chamber orchestra, sinfonietta; brasses, strings, woodwinds; combo, ensemble, group; company, troupe; duo, octet, quartet (also quartette), quintet, septet, sextet, trio

  2. 2 a group of people working together on a task a band of volunteer searchers found the lost child Synonyms army, band, brigade, company, crew, outfit, party, platoon, squad, teamRelated Words battalion, corps, troop; force, host, posse, stable, troupe; administration, department, help, personnel, staff

  3. 3 a usually small number of persons considered as a unit a band of explorers Synonyms array, band, batch, battery, body, boodle, bunch, cluster, clutch, consort, constellation, crop, grouping, huddle, knot, lot, parcel, party, passelRelated Words assembly, collective, congregation, gathering, muster, organization; circle, clan, clique, coterie, fellowship, gang, ring, round, set; faction, guild (also gild), order, school, sect; brigade, crew, outfit, phalanx, platoon, posse, task force, team; alliance, bloc, coalition, confederacy, confederation, federation, league, union; battalion, squadron; bevy, brood, coveyNear Antonyms individual, single

  4. 4 a number of things considered as a unit a band of songbirds Synonyms array, assemblage, band, bank, batch, battery, block, bunch, clot, clump, cluster, clutch, collection, constellation, grouping, huddle, knot, lot, muster, package, parcel, passel, set, suiteRelated Words accumulation, aggregate, aggregation, conglomeration; agglomeration, assortment, hodgepodge, jumble, miscellany, mixture, odds and ends, sundries, variety; cycle, run, series, suitNear Antonyms entity, item, single, unit



Synonyms and Antonyms of band

  1. 1 to encircle or bind with or as if with a belt banded the waist of the dress with a speckled belt Synonyms gird, begird, belt, engird [archaic], engirdle, enwind, girdle, girt, girth, wrapRelated Words tie up, truss; circle, enwreathe, loop, wind, wreathe; bandage, enswathe, swathe; chain, cord, enchain, lash, rope, shackle, tape, wireNear Antonyms unbind, unlash, unshackle, untie, unwindAntonyms ungird, unwrap

  2. 2 to gather into a tight mass by means of a line or cord banded the newspapers together for delivery Synonyms tie, bind, trussRelated Words cinch, cord, rope, strap, thread, wire; gird, girt; lash, leash, tether; interlace, intertwine, interweave, lace; entangle, knot, snarl, tangle, twist; coil, windNear Antonyms undo, unfasten, unlace, unlash, unloose, unloosen, unstrap, unstring, unthread; unleash, untether; disentangle, unravel, unsnarl, untangle, untwine, untwist; uncoil, unspool, unwindAntonyms unbind, untie

  3. 3 to make stripes on banded the sleeves of the robe with strips of contrasting material Synonyms stripe, bar, streakRelated Words blaze

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