Synonyms and Antonyms of holding

  1. 1 a decision made by a court or tribunal regarding a case it has heard <the holding of “not guilty” took everyone by surprise> Synonyms doom, finding, sentence, judgment (or judgement), rulingRelated Words inquest, verdict; authority; decree, edict, injunction, order; arbitrament, award, declaration, deliverance, dictum, pronouncement; conclusion, decision, determination, opinion, resolution; discipline, penalty, punishment

  2. 2 usually holdings pl  transportable items that one owns <the museum's holdings of ancient manuscripts are among the rarest in the world> Synonyms belongings, chattels, duds, effects, gear, goods, holdings, movables (or moveables), paraphernalia, personal effects, personal property, personalty, plunder [chiefly dialect], stuff, thingsRelated Words treasures, valuables; appointments, fixtures, furnishings; estate, property, tangibles; collateralNear Antonyms immovables, real estate

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