Synonyms and Antonyms of conclusion

  1. 1 an opinion arrived at through a process of reasoning the detective's conclusion that the murderer had to be left-handed Synonyms of conclusion consequence, deduction, determination, eduction, induction, inference, sequitur Words Related to conclusion decision, deliverance, diagnosis, judgment (or judgement), resolution, ruling, verdict; conjecture, guess, surmise; assumption, presumption, supposition

  2. 2 a position arrived at after consideration came to the conclusion that we couldn't go on vacation while the dog was sick Synonyms of conclusion award, call, decision, deliverance, determination, diagnosis, judgment (or judgement), opinion, resolution, verdictWords Related to conclusion behest, charge, commandment, decree, dictate, directive, edict, instruction, mandate, order, word; last word, say-so; adjudication, disposition, doom, finding, ruling, sentence; choice, option, selection; consensus; belief, conviction, eye, feeling, mind, notion, persuasion, sentiment, viewNear Antonyms of conclusion deadlock, draw, halt, stalemate, standoff, tie

  3. 3 a condition or occurrence traceable to a cause all their efforts came to no practical conclusion Synonyms of conclusion aftereffect, aftermath, backwash, child, effect, consequence, corollary, development, fate, fruit, issue, outcome, outgrowth, precipitate, product, result, resultant, sequel, sequence, upshotWords Related to conclusion ramification; denouement (also dénouement), echo, implication, repercussion; afterclap, afterglow, aftershock; blowback, by-product, fallout, offshoot, ripple, side effect (also side reaction), spin-offNear Antonyms of conclusion consideration, determinant, factor; base, basis, foundation, ground, groundwork; impetus, incentive, inspiration, instigation, stimulus; mother, origin, root, source, springAntonyms of conclusion antecedent, causation, cause, occasion, reason

  4. 4 the last part of a process or action the conclusion of the speech was a national call to arms Synonyms of conclusion capper, close, closing, finale, consummation, end, endgame, ending, finis, finish, grand finale, home stretch, mop-up, windup, wrap-upWords Related to conclusion acme, apex, capstone, climax, copestone, coup de grâce (or coup de grace), crescendo, crown, culmination, high-water mark, meridian, peak, pinnacle, summit, tip-top, top, zenith; aftermath, anticlimax, coda, epilogue (also epilog), postscript; shank, tag end, tail endNear Antonyms of conclusion foreword, introduction, overture, preamble, preface, prelude, prologue (also prolog)Antonyms of conclusion baseline, beginning, dawn, day one, nascence, nascency, opening, start

  5. 5 the stopping of a process or activity a bell signaled the conclusion of the event Synonyms of conclusion arrest, arrestment, cease, cessation, check, close, closedown, closure, end, cutoff, discontinuance, discontinuation, ending, expiration, finish, halt, lapse, offset, shutdown, shutoff, stay, stop, stoppage, surcease, terminationWords Related to conclusion mop-up, phaseout; abeyance, break, interruption, layoff, letup, moratorium, pause, standstill, suspensionNear Antonyms of conclusion extension, persistence, prolongationAntonyms of conclusion continuance, continuation

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