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as in to ground
to find a basis she based her argument on careful research

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as in camp
a place from which an advance (as for military operations) is made the army's base of attack was kept top secret until the battle began

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as in bottom
the lowest part, place, or point the base of the mountain extends over a huge area make sure the base of the stove rests evenly on the floor

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as in headquarters
the place from which a commander runs operations the army base is three miles down the road

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How does the adjective base contrast with its synonyms?

The words low and vile are common synonyms of base. While all three words mean "deserving of contempt because of the absence of higher values," base stresses the ignoble and may suggest cruelty, treachery, greed, or grossness.

base motives

When is low a more appropriate choice than base?

The meanings of low and base largely overlap; however, low may connote crafty cunning, vulgarity, or immorality and regularly implies an outraging of one's sense of decency or propriety.

refused to listen to such low talk

Where would vile be a reasonable alternative to base?

In some situations, the words vile and base are roughly equivalent. However, vile, the strongest of these words, tends to suggest disgusting depravity or filth.

a vile remark

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