as in nice
conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue as decent and kind a couple as you could ever hope to meet

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as in honorable
following the accepted rules of moral conduct demanded nothing less than decent behavior by the troops serving overseas

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as in adequate
of a level of quality that meets one's needs or standards he did a decent job on the project, but there's still room for improvement

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How is the word decent distinct from other similar adjectives?

Some common synonyms of decent are chaste, modest, and pure. While all these words mean "free from all taint of what is lewd or salacious," modest and decent apply especially to deportment and dress as outward signs of inward chastity or purity.

preferred more modest swimsuits
decent people didn't go to such movies

When is chaste a more appropriate choice than decent?

The meanings of chaste and decent largely overlap; however, chaste primarily implies a refraining from acts or even thoughts or desires that are not virginal or not sanctioned by marriage vows.

they maintained chaste relations

How do pure and chaste relate to one another, in the sense of decent?

Pure differs from chaste in implying innocence and absence of temptation rather than control of one's impulses and actions.

the pure of heart

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