Synonyms and Antonyms of dress

  1. relating to or suitable for wearing to an event requiring elegant dress and manners the naval commander wore his dress uniform to the ball Synonyms dressy, formal Related Words costume, costumey; chic, dapper, fashionable, in, modish, natty, sharp, smart, snappy, stylish; custom-made, fitted, tailored; black-tie, evening, white-tie; semiformal Near Antonyms street; dowdy, outmoded, styleless, unfashionable, unstylish; frowsy (or frowzy), grungy, sloppy, sloven, slovenly, unkempt, untidy; disheveled (or dishevelled), messy, mussy, rumpled, wrinkled Antonyms casual, informal, sportif, sporty



Synonyms and Antonyms of dress

  1. 1 a garment with a joined blouse and skirt usually worn by a woman or girl what a lovely dress you're wearing today! Synonyms frock, gown Related Words chemise, coatdress, granny dress, housedress, jumper, kimono, kirtle, minidress, Mother Hubbard, muumuu, overdress, sack, sheath, shift, shirtdress, shirtwaist, sundress, sweaterdress, tea gown

  2. 2 clothing chosen as appropriate for a specific situation a bagpiper in full Scottish Highlander dress Synonyms costume, drag, outfit, garb, getup, guise, togsRelated Words apparel, attire, clothes, duds, habiliment(s), raiment; fashion, mode, style; array, caparison, vestments

  3. 3 covering for the human body a businessman who is very conservative in his dress Synonyms apparel, attire, clobber [British slang], clothes, costumery, clothing, duds, garments, gear, habiliment(s), habit [archaic], rags, raiment, rig, rigging, threads, toggery, togs, vestiary, vestments, vesture, wear, wearables, weedsRelated Words garderobe, wardrobe; array, bravery, caparison, finery, gaiety (also gayety), glad rags, pretties, regalia, trim; foofaraw, frippery, gaudery, tawdry, trumpery [archaic]; tatters; costume, ensemble, frock, garb, getup, guise, livery, outfit; civvies (also civies), mufti; couture, prêt-à-porter (or pret-a-porter), ready-to-wear, tailoring; activewear, loungewear, outerwear, playwear, sportswear; nightclothes, sleepwear, smallclothes, underclothes, underwear; haberdashery, menswear

  4. 4 the outward form of someone or something especially as indicative of a quality another version of the Cinderella story but in modern-romance dress Synonyms aspect, appearance, figure, garb, look, mien, outside, presence, regard [archaic]Related Words air, attitude, bearing, behavior, comportment, demeanor, deportment, manner, poise, pose; carriage, posture, stance; cast, mold, shape, turn; color, coloring, complexion; countenance, face, features, habit, habitus, person [archaic], physiognomy, superficies, visage



Synonyms and Antonyms of dress

  1. 1 to cover with a bandage first wash and then dress the wound Synonyms bind, bandage, swatheRelated Words attend, care (for), doctor, medicate, minister (to), nurse, treat; cure, heal, mend, rehabilitate, remedyNear Antonyms unbandage

  2. 2 to make more attractive by adding something that is beautiful or becoming let's dress up the room with some greenery for the holiday party Synonyms adorn, array, beautify, bedeck, bedizen, blazon, caparison, deck, do, doll up, do up, drape, decorate, embellish, emblaze, emboss, enrich, fancify, fancy up, festoon, garnish, glitz (up), grace, gussy up, ornament, pretty (up), trimRelated Words accessorize, dress up, trap, trick (out); brighten, freshen, smarten, spruce (up); boss, chase; braid, embroider, feather, figure, filigree, fillet, flounce, frill, fringe, furbelow, garland, hang, lace, ribbon, swag, wreathe; appliqué, gild, paint; diamond, gem, impearl, jewel, pearl; redecorate, redoNear Antonyms simplify, streamline; bare, denude, dismantle, display, divest, expose, reveal, strip, uncover; uglifyAntonyms blemish, deface, disfigure, mar, scar, spoil

  3. 3 to make smooth or glossy usually by repeatedly applying surface pressure dress the granite block to be used as the headstone on all four sides Synonyms buff, burnish, polish, furbish, gloss, grind, rub, shine, smooth, smoothenRelated Words sleek, slick; coat, glaze, japan, lacquer, varnish; face, finish, veneer; brighten; file, rasp, sand, sandblast, sandpaper, scour, scrape, scrub; bob, bone, lapNear Antonyms rough (up), roughen, ruffle, scuff (up)

  4. 4 to outfit with clothes and especially fine or special clothes dressed the young girl in satin and lace Synonyms apparel, array, attire, bedeck, caparison, costume, deck (out), do up, clothe, dress up, enrobe, garb, garment, get up, gown, habit, invest, rig (out), robe, suit, tog (up or out), toilet, vestureRelated Words cloak, frock, jacket, mantle, vest; drape, enswathe, hap [dialect], huddle, swaddle, swathe, wrap; accoutre (or accouter), bedight [archaic], equip, furnish, habilitate, outfit, tailor, uniform; dress down, underdressNear Antonyms denude, divest, uncover, undrape, unveilAntonyms disarray, disrobe, strip, unclothe, undress, untruss [archaic]

  5. 5 to put on one's best or formal clothes we don't usually dress for dinner Synonyms doll up, dress upRelated Words preen, primp, prink, smarten (up); accessorize; apparel, array, attire, bedeck, bedizen, caparison, clothe, costume, deck, dude (up), garb, garment, invest, rig (out), robe, suit, tog (out or up)

  6. 6 to look after or assist the growth of by labor and care dress the beans by applying fertilizer once a week Synonyms crop, cultivate, culture, grow, promote, raise, rear, tendRelated Words breed, produce, propagate; plant, sow; gather, glean, harvest, reap; germinate, quicken, ripen, root, sproutNear Antonyms kill; dig, extirpate, pick, pluck, pull (up), uproot; cut, hay, mow

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