Synonyms and Antonyms of frock

  1. 1 a garment with a joined blouse and skirt usually worn by a woman or girl please get into your nicest frock and join us at the party Synonyms dress, gownRelated Words chemise, coatdress, granny dress, housedress, jumper, kimono, kirtle, minidress, Mother Hubbard, muumuu, overdress, sack, sheath, shift, shirtdress, shirtwaist, sundress, sweaterdress, tea gown

  2. 2 a sleeveless garment worn so as to hang over the shoulders, arms, and back the man clutched his heavy frock as he made his way through the driving rain Synonyms capote, cloak, {h,1}cape, manteau, mantleRelated Words burnoose (or burnous), capelet, capuchin, cowl, domino, joseph, manta, mantelet, mantilla, palatine, pelerine, pelisse, poncho, roquelaure, tippet; serape (or sarape), shawl, stole, wrap

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