Synonyms and Antonyms of jacket

  1. 1 something that encloses another thing especially to protect it slip the art book into its jacket so it won't get dirty Synonyms armor, capsule, casing, cocoon, cover, covering, encasement, housing, hull, husk, {h,1}case, pod, sheath, shellRelated Words cartridge, cassette (also casette); bark, crust; carapace, house, mail, panoply, plate, plating, shield; cuticle, hide, skin; envelope, package, wrapper; backing, coating, coverture, facing

  2. 2 the hairy covering of a mammal especially when fine, soft, and thick llamas are prized for their soft, lush jackets Synonyms coat, fleece, hair, fur, pelage, pile, woolRelated Words undercoat, underfur; hide, leather, pelt, skin

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