Synonyms and Antonyms of wreathe

  1. 1 to cause to twine about one another decided to wreathe the grapevines into a beribboned swag to give the room the “country look” Synonyms enlace, entwine, implicate [archaic], interlace, intertwist, interweave, inweave, lace, ply, twist, weave, intertwine, writheRelated Words braid, plait, plat, pleach; blend, fuse, join, link, mixNear Antonyms disentangle, uncoil, untangle, untwine, unwind

  2. 2 to scatter or set here and there among other things wreathed small flowers into the design for the wallpaper Synonyms interlace, intersperse, interweave, lace, salt, weave, threadRelated Words insert, intermingle, mingle, mix; alternate, juxtapose; amalgamate, assimilate, blend, combine, commingle, embody, fuse, incorporate, integrate, merge

  3. 3 to form a circle around pretty ribbons wreathed the flower girl's braided bun Synonyms circle, compass, embrace, encircle, enclose (also inclose), encompass, environ, gird, girdle, ring, surroundRelated Words circumscribe, close in, cordon (off), fence (in), hem (in), wall; beset, besiege, entrench (also intrench), invest, swarm

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