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  1. 1 to cause to twine about one another as they have for the past two centuries, crafters continue to weave osiers into the distinctive baskets that are the island's trademark Synonyms enlace, entwine, implicate [archaic], interlace, intertwist, interweave, inweave, lace, ply, twist, intertwine, wreathe, writheRelated Words braid, plait, plat, pleach; blend, fuse, join, link, mixNear Antonyms disentangle, uncoil, untangle, untwine, unwind

  2. 2 to scatter or set here and there among other things a political commentator who slyly weaves lies into the truth Synonyms interlace, intersperse, interweave, lace, salt, thread, wreatheRelated Words insert, intermingle, mingle, mix; alternate, juxtapose; amalgamate, assimilate, blend, combine, commingle, embody, fuse, incorporate, integrate, merge

  3. 3 to move suddenly aside or to and fro a van weaving through traffic with reckless speed Synonyms duck, jink, sidestep, slalom, dodge, zigzagRelated Words avoid, elude, escape, evade, parry, shirk, skirt; deflect, turn; slide, slip

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contemplative of or relative to the past

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