Synonyms and Antonyms of sidestep

  1. 1 to avoid having to comply with (something) especially through cleverness <the eager enlistee sidestepped the regulations by lying about his age> Synonyms beat, bypass, dodge, get around, shortcut, circumvent, skirtRelated Words avoid, duck, elude, end-run, escape, eschew, evade, outflank, shake, shirk, shun; disobey, disregard, flout, ignore; avert, deflect, divert, obviate, parry, prevent, ward (off)Near Antonyms accede (to), acquiesce (to), assent (to); accept, court, embrace, pursue, seek, welcome; catch, contract, incurAntonyms comply (with), follow, keep, obey, observe

  2. 2 to move suddenly aside or to and fro <the startled spectator sidestepped away from the oncoming ball> Synonyms duck, jink, dodge, slalom, weave, zigzagRelated Words avoid, elude, escape, evade, parry, shirk, skirt; deflect, turn; slide, slip

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