Synonyms and Antonyms of disobey

  1. to go against the commands, prohibitions, or rules of students who disobey their teachers and use cell phones in class drivers who consistently disobey traffic laws Synonyms defy, mock, rebel (against) Related Words disoblige; mutiny (against), revolt (against); disregard, ignore, overlook, overpass, pass over, tune out; brush off, dismiss, flout, pooh-pooh (also pooh), reject, scoff (at), scorn, shrug off, wink (at); breach, break, infringe, transgress, violate; buck, combat, contest, dispute, fight, oppose, resist, withstand Near Antonyms capitulate (to), concede (to), defer (to), goose-step (to), serve, stoop (to), submit (to), surrender (to), yield (to); cooperate (with); keep, observe; accede (to), acquiesce (to), agree (to), assent (to), oblige; attend, hear, heed, listen (to), mark, note, notice, regard, watch Antonyms comply (with), conform (to), follow, mind, obey

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