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as in to label
to attach an identifying slip to marked each application with a numbered sticker

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as in to characterize
to be an important feature of an annual event marked mostly by noise and confusion

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as in joke
a person or thing that is made fun of in the wake of the scandal, the disgraced governor became the favorite mark of late-night comedians

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as in criterion
something set up as an example against which others of the same type are compared lately his playing hasn't been up to the mark expected of a concert pianist

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How is the word mark distinct from other similar nouns?

Some common synonyms of mark are note, sign, symptom, and token. While all these words mean "a discernible indication of what is not itself directly perceptible," mark suggests something impressed on or inherently characteristic of a thing often in contrast to general outward appearance.

a mark of a good upbringing

When can note be used instead of mark?

In some situations, the words note and mark are roughly equivalent. However, note suggests a distinguishing mark or characteristic.

a note of irony in her writing

When would sign be a good substitute for mark?

The synonyms sign and mark are sometimes interchangeable, but sign applies to any indication to be perceived by the senses or the reason.

encouraging signs for the economy

In what contexts can symptom take the place of mark?

The meanings of symptom and mark largely overlap; however, symptom suggests an outward indication of an internal change or condition.

rampant crime is a symptom of that city's decay

When is token a more appropriate choice than mark?

While in some cases nearly identical to mark, token applies to something that serves as a proof of something intangible.

this gift is a token of our esteem

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