Synonyms and Antonyms of wish

  1. 1 to offer (something fake, useless, or inferior) as genuine, useful, or valuable despite my protestations, the dreaded position of club secretary was wished on me Synonyms fob off, palm, palm off, pass off, foistRelated Words entail, force, impose, inflict; counterfeit, fake, forge; distort, falsify, misrepresent

  2. 2 to see fit you're free to sit wherever you wish Synonyms like, please, want, will, chooseRelated Words ache (for), covet, crave, desire, die (for), fancy, hanker (for), hunger (for), itch (for), long (for), lust (for or after), pant (after), pine (for), repine (for), sigh (for), thirst (for), yearn (for); decide, determine, resolve

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a trip made at another's expense

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