Synonyms and Antonyms of drive

  1. 1 a passage cleared for public vehicular travel raced our motorcycles along the drive Synonyms of drive arterial, artery, avenue, boulevard, carriageway [British], drag, way, expressway, freeway, high road, highway, pass, pike, road, roadway, route, row, street, thoroughfare, thruway, trace, turnpikeWords Related to drive causeway; autobahn, autoroute, autostrada, dual carriageway [chiefly British], interstate, motorway [chiefly British], superhighway; beltway, bypass, parkway, ring road [chiefly British]; corniche, switchback; through street; high street [British], Main Street; backstreet, branch, bystreet, byway, crossroad, secondary road, shunpike, side road, side street; alley, alleyway; circle, lane, laneway [British], mews [chiefly British], place; close [chiefly British], cul-de-sac, dead end; corridor; track, trail

  2. 2 a series of activities undertaken to achieve a goal a fund-raising drive for the school's marching band Synonyms of drive bandwagon, blitz, cause, crusade, campaign, juggernaut, movement, pushWords Related to drive assault, attack, maneuver, march, offensive; action, bid, enterprise, initiative, mission, project, undertaking

  3. 3 a strong wish for something a drive to succeed in the television news business Synonyms of drive appetency, appetite, craving, desire, hankering, hunger, itch, jones [slang], letch, longing, lust, passion, pining, thirst, thirstiness, urge, yearning, yenWords Related to drive compulsion, impulse, impulsion, will, zeal; liking, love, taste, weakness; eagerness, impatience; want, wish; necessity, need, requirement; obsession; acquisitiveness, avarice, avariciousness, avidity, covetousness, cupidity, greed, greediness, rapaciousness, rapacity; cacoëthes, maniaNear Antonyms of drive abhorrence, abomination, allergy, averseness, aversion, disfavor, disgust, disinclination, dislike, disliking, distaste, hatred, loathing, nausea, repugnance, repulsion, revulsion; apathy, indifference, insouciance, nonchalance, unconcern

  4. 4 active strength of body or mind senior citizens who exercise regularly are more likely to have the drive to keep up with their grandchildren Synonyms of drive beans, bounce, brio, dash, vigor, dynamism, energy, esprit, gas, get-up-and-go, ginger, go, gusto, hardihood, juice, life, moxie, oomph, pep, punch, sap, snap, starch, verve, vim, vinegar, vitality, zing, zipWords Related to drive animal spirits, animation, briskness, jauntiness, liveliness, snappiness, spirit, spiritedness, sprightliness, spunk, spunkiness, vibrance, vibrancy, vivaciousness, vivacity; ardor, élan, fervor, fire, passion, zeal; main, metal, mettle, might, muscle, potency, power, puissance, stamina, strength; brawniness, fitness, hardiness, huskiness, sturdiness, virility; health, healthiness, soundness, verdure, wellnessNear Antonyms of drive indolence, laziness; debilitation, debility, delicacy, disablement, enfeeblement, faintness, feebleness, frailness, frailty, impotence, impotency, infirmity, powerlessness, puniness, slightness, softness, tenderness, weakness; enervation, exhaustion, inanition, prostrationAntonyms of drive lethargy, listlessness, sluggishness, torpidity

  5. 5 readiness to engage in daring or difficult activity a great opportunity for a sales representative who is full of drive Synonyms of drive action, aggressiveness, ambition, enterprise, go, hustle, initiativeWords Related to drive grit, gumption, pluck, snap, spirit, spunk, starch; ambitiousness, killer instinct, overambitiousness; assertiveness, self-reliance; energy, hardihood, pep, vigor, vitalityNear Antonyms of drive inactivity, inertia, passivity; diffidence, faintheartedness, timidity; hesitation, reluctance; indolence, laziness, lethargy



Synonyms and Antonyms of drive

  1. 1 to urge, push, or force onward cowboys drove the herd of cattle from San Antonio to San Francisco Synonyms of drive herd, punch, run Words Related to drive shepherd; wrangle; egg, exhort, flog, goad, hound, press, prick, prod, prompt, scourge, spur, whip

  2. 2 to travel by a motorized vehicle I'm going to drive across the country—want to come? Synonyms of drive automobile, motor, tool Words Related to drive roll, wheel; joyride; chauffeur, hack, taxi; ride; drag, race

  3. 3 to apply force to (someone or something) so that it moves in front of one drove the plunger into the opening Synonyms of drive push, propel, shove, thrustWords Related to drive impel, move; bear (down), compress, depress, jam, pressure, squash, squeeze, weigh (upon); bulldoze, compel, force, lean (on or against), muscle, ram

  4. 4 to cause (a person) to give in to pressure the corrupt governor was driven out of office Synonyms of drive blackjack, coerce, compel, constrain, dragoon, force, impel, impress, make, muscle, obligate, oblige, press, pressure, sandbagWords Related to drive browbeat, bulldoze, bully, cow, hector, intimidate; blackmail, high-pressure, menace, shame, terrorize, threaten; drag; badger, harass, houndNear Antonyms of drive allow, let, permit; argue, convince, induce, move, persuade, prevail (on or upon), satisfy, talk (into), win (over)

  5. 5 to cause to function machinery driven by waterpower Synonyms of drive actuate, crank (up), activate, move, run, set off, spark, start, touch off, trigger, turn onWords Related to drive kick over, turn over; charge, electrify, energize, fire, fuel, generate, power, push; discharge, launch, release, switch, trip; reactivate, recharge; arouse, excite, jump-start, kick-start, stimulate, vitalize; ignite, incite, instigate, provoke, quicken, stir up; accelerate, catalyze, speed (up), step upNear Antonyms of drive arrest, brake, check, cut off, draw up, halt, jam, stall, stick, stop; decelerate, repress, slow, stunt, suppressAntonyms of drive cut, cut out, deactivate, kill, shut off, turn off

  6. 6 to set or keep in motion this motor drives the gears, which then turn the shaft Synonyms of drive actuate, move, impel, propel, workWords Related to drive activate, motivate, provoke; abet, ferment, foment, incite, raise, stir (up), whip (up); set off, trigger, trip; arouse, excite, fire (up), galvanize, inflame (also enflame), inspire, instigate, rouse, stimulateNear Antonyms of drive bridle, check, constrain, contain, control, curb, inhibit, regulate, rein (in), restrain

  7. 7 to proceed or move quickly the runner drove past the finish line and then came to a dead stop Synonyms of drive barrel, belt, blast, blaze, blow, bolt, bomb [slang], bowl, breeze, bundle, bustle, buzz, cannonball, careen, career, chase, course, crack (on), dash, hurry, fly, hare, hasten, hie, highball, hotfoot (it), hump, hurl, hurtle, hustle, jet, jump, motor, nip, pelt, race, ram, rip, rocket, run, rush, rustle, scoot, scurry, scuttle, shoot, speed, step, tear, travel, trot, whirl, whisk, zip, zoomWords Related to drive beetle, dart, flit, scamper, scud, scuffle; stampede, streak, whiz (or whizz); gallop, jog, sprint; accelerate, quicken, step out; catch up, fast-forward, outpace, outrun, outstrip, overtake; arrow, beelineNear Antonyms of drive dally, dawdle, dillydally, drag, hang (around or out), lag, linger, loiter, poke, tarry; amble, lumber, plod, saunter, shuffle, stroll; decelerate, slow (down or up)Antonyms of drive crawl, creep, poke

Synonym Discussion of drive

move, actuate, drive, impel mean to set or keep in motion. move is very general and implies no more than the fact of changing position.
    • moved the furniture
actuate stresses transmission of power so as to work or set in motion.
    • turbines actuated by waterpower
drive implies imparting forward and continuous motion and often stresses the effect rather than the impetus.
    • a ship driven aground by hurricane winds
impel is usually figurative and suggests a great motivating impetus.
    • a candidate impelled by ambition

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