Synonyms and Antonyms of slightness

  1. 1 the quality or state of being little in size the old photograph shows a man whose slightness of build seems at variance with his reputation as a robust outdoorsman Synonyms diminutiveness, fineness, littleness, puniness, smallnessRelated Words petiteness; minuteness, tininess; meagerness, poorness, scantiness, scantness, scarceness, scarcity, skimpiness, slenderness, slimness, spareness, sparseness, sparsity, stinginess; deficiency, inadequacy, inadequatenessNear Antonyms enormity, enormousness, grossness, hugeness, immenseness, immensity, magnitude, mountainousness, prodigiousness, stupendousness; extensiveness, vastness; excessiveness, extravagance, extremeness, immoderacy; abundance, ampleness, bountifulness, copiousness, generosity, healthiness, liberality; adequacy, sufficiency; heaviness, heftiness, weightiness; bulkiness, massiveness, voluminousnessAntonyms bigness, grandness, greatness, largeness, magnitude

  2. 2 the state or quality of having little weight his slightness will serve him well if he ever decides to become a jockey Synonyms {h,1}lightness, weightlessnessRelated Words airiness, delicacy, ethereality, etherealness; flimsiness, fluffiness, insubstantialityNear Antonyms solidity, solidness, substantialityAntonyms heaviness, heftiness, massiveness, ponderousness, weightiness

  3. 3 the quality or state of being unimportant most moviegoers were not in the least bothered by the slightness of the plot—they were there for the special effects in any event Synonyms immateriality, inconsequence, inconsequentiality, inconsiderableness, insignificancy, littleness, negligibility, nullity, pettiness, insignificance, smallness, trivialityRelated Words emptiness, valuelessness, worthlessnessNear Antonyms substance, value, worthAntonyms bigness, consequence, import, importance, magnitude, moment, significance, weight, weightiness

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