Synonyms and Antonyms of worth

  1. 1 the relative usefulness or importance of something as judged by specific qualities money alone cannot determine the true worth of some things Synonyms account, merit, valuation, value Related Words assessment, estimation, evaluation; excellence, greatness, perfection; consequence, importance, significance, weight; desirability Near Antonyms emptiness, valuelessness, worthlessness; baseness, cheapness, crumminess, inferiority, lousiness, meanness, paltriness, pettiness, poorness; deficiency, inadequacy, inadequateness, insufficiency, unacceptability

  2. 2 the amount of money for which something will find a buyer one surefire way to determine the actual worth of a painting is to sell it at auction Synonyms valuation, valueRelated Words charge, cost, fee, figure, price, rate; appraisal, assessment, estimate, estimation, evaluation; face value, list price, unit price

  3. 3 the total of one's money and property the entrepreneur's worth is well over 100 million dollars Synonyms assets, capital, fortune, means, opulence, riches, substance, wherewithal, wealthRelated Words belongings, chattels, effects, holdings, paraphernalia, possessions, things; bankroll, deep pockets, finances, funds, money, wallet; abundance, affluence, prosperity, success; treasure, valuables; accession, acquisition, personal property, personalty, property; nest egg, reserve, resources, savings, treasuryNear Antonyms debts, liabilities; indebtedness

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