Synonyms and Antonyms of excellence

  1. 1 exceptionally high quality the annual awards honor excellence in children's literature Synonyms choiceness, distinction, excellency, first-rateness, greatness, perfection, preeminence, primeness, superbness, superiority, supremacy Related Words faultlessness, flawlessness, impeccability, perfectness; goodness, value, worth; consequence, importance, notability Near Antonyms averageness, badness, crumminess, inferiority, mediocrity, ordinariness, worthlessness

  2. 2 a quality that gives something special worth the particular excellence of down in clothing and sleeping bags is its lightness Synonyms cardinal virtue, distinction, excellency, grace, merit, value, virtue Related Words advantage, edge, plus, superiority Near Antonyms blemish, defect, failing, fault, flaw; drawback, minus, negative Antonyms deficiency, demerit, disvalue

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