Synonyms and Antonyms of excellency

  1. 1 a quality that gives something special worth claimed that granite has so many excellencies as material for countertops that it is well worth the high price Synonyms cardinal virtue, distinction, excellence, grace, merit, value, virtueRelated Words advantage, edge, plus, superiorityNear Antonyms blemish, defect, failing, fault, flaw; drawback, minus, negativeAntonyms deficiency, demerit, disvalue

  2. 2 exceptionally high quality the excellency of the violins crafted by Stradivarius is beyond dispute Synonyms choiceness, distinction, excellence, first-rateness, greatness, perfection, preeminence, primeness, superbness, superiority, supremacyRelated Words faultlessness, flawlessness, impeccability, perfectness; goodness, value, worth; consequence, importance, notabilityNear Antonyms averageness, badness, crumminess, inferiority, mediocrity, ordinariness, worthlessness

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a trip made at another's expense

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