as in arrogance
an exaggerated sense of one's importance that shows itself in the making of excessive or unjustified claims a junior executive who strutted around the office with all of the consequence of a peacock in pinstripes

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How does the noun consequence differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of consequence are importance, moment, significance, and weight. While all these words mean "a quality or aspect having great worth or significance," consequence generally implies importance because of probable or possible effects.

the style you choose is of little consequence

When might importance be a better fit than consequence?

Although the words importance and consequence have much in common, importance implies a value judgment of the superior worth or influence of something or someone.

a region with no cities of importance

When is moment a more appropriate choice than consequence?

While in some cases nearly identical to consequence, moment implies conspicuous or self-evident consequence.

a decision of great moment

When is it sensible to use significance instead of consequence?

The words significance and consequence are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, significance implies a quality or character that should mark a thing as important but that is not self-evident and may or may not be recognized.

the treaty's significance

In what contexts can weight take the place of consequence?

The words weight and consequence can be used in similar contexts, but weight implies a judgment of the immediate relative importance of something.

the argument carried no weight with the judge

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