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  1. 1 boastful speech or writing his braggadocio hid the fact that he felt personally inadequate Synonyms bluster, brag, bombast, bull [slang], cockalorum, fanfaronade, gas, gasconade, grandiloquence, hot air, magniloquence, rant, rodomontade (also rhodomontade)Related Words oratory, rhapsody, rhetoric; pomposity, turgidity, wind; bloviation, verbosity, windiness; babble, blab, chatter, drivel, gabble, gibber, gibberish, jabber, prattle; jawing, patter, prating, yammering; egotism, self-conceit, self-importance, swagger, vaunt

  2. 2 someone who boasts the swaggering braggadocio is a stock figure of American folklore, with Davy Crockett and Mike Fink being prime examples Synonyms blower, blowhard, boaster, brag, braggart, bragger, cockalorum, cracker [chiefly dialect], gascon, gasconader, swaggerer, vaunterRelated Words blusterer, cock; self-advertiser, self-dramatizer, self-promoter

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to criticize severely

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