Synonyms and Antonyms of impertinence

  1. 1 disrespectful or argumentative talk given in response to a command or request a disciplinarian of the old school, he refused to tolerate any impertinence from his children Synonyms of impertinence backchat, cheek, back talk, impudence, insolence, mouth, sass, sauceWords Related to impertinence comeback, rejoinder, retort, riposte, wisecrack; cuteness, discourtesy, disrespect, guff, impoliteness, nonsense, rudeness, tactlessness; audaciousness, audacity, boldness, brazenness; coarseness, crassness, crudity, vulgarity; abruptness, bluffness, bluntness, brusqueness, crossness, curtness, gruffness, surlinessNear Antonyms of impertinence civility, cordiality, courtesy, diplomacy, politeness, tactfulness; consideration, gallantry, gentility, graciousness, smoothness, suaveness, suavity; deference, respect; affability

  2. 2 rude behavior the impertinence of deliberately ignoring waiting customers while they finished their conversation Synonyms of impertinence dis (also diss) [slang], discourteousness, disrespect, disrespectfulness, discourtesy, impertinency, impoliteness, impudence, incivility, inconsiderateness, inconsideration, insolence, rudeness, ungraciousnessWords Related to impertinence audacity, boldness, brashness, brassiness, forwardness, sauciness, shamelessness; boorishness, caddishness, churlishness, clownishness, crudeness, loutishness, vulgarity; abruptness, bluntness, brusqueness, crustiness, curtness, gruffness, sharpness; crabbedness, crossness, disagreeableness, grumpiness, sullenness, surliness; improperness, impropriety, inappropriateness, incorrectness, indecency, unfitness, unsuitability; arrogance, conceit, conceitedness, presumption, pretense (or pretence), pretension, pretentiousnessNear Antonyms of impertinence humility, meekness, modesty; deference, dutifulness, respectfulness, submissiveness; acceptability, appropriateness, correctness, decency, decorousness, fitness, goodness, propriety, respectability, respectableness, rightness, seemliness, suitability, suitableness; affability, cordiality, friendliness, geniality, hospitality, kindness; felicitousness, grace, gracefulnessAntonyms of impertinence civility, considerateness, consideration, courtesy, genteelness, gentility, graciousness, politeness, politesse, thoughtfulness

  3. 3 the quality or state of not having anything to do with the matter at hand the impertinence of that issue renders any discussion of it a waste of our time Synonyms of impertinence extraneousness, irrelevance, inapplicabilityWords Related to impertinence improperness, inappositeness, inappropriateness, inaptness, unfitness, unsuitability; immateriality, inconsequentiality, insignificance; emptiness, inaneness, inanity, meaninglessness, pointlessness, uselessnessNear Antonyms of impertinence appropriateness, aptness, fitness, suitability, suitableness; importance, significance; usefulnessAntonyms of impertinence applicability, bearing, connection, materiality, pertinence, relevance, relevancy

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