Synonyms and Antonyms of materiality

  1. 1 something that actually exists preferred a single materiality to a slew of hypotheticals Synonyms actuality, case, fact, realityRelated Words certainty, inevitability; circumstance, event, occurrence, phenomenon; element, item, particular, thingNear Antonyms eventuality, possibility, potentiality, probabilityAntonyms fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, illusion

  2. 2 the fact or state of being pertinent the materiality of that fact is not in dispute Synonyms applicability, bearing, connection, pertinence, relevance, relevancyRelated Words appositeness, appropriateness, aptness, felicitousness, fitness, fittingness, rightness, seemliness, suitability, suitableness; importance, significance; usefulnessNear Antonyms inappositeness, inappropriateness, inaptness, infelicity, unfitness, unsuitability; insignificance; meaninglessness, pointlessness, uselessnessAntonyms extraneousness, inapplicability, irrelevance, irrelevancy

  3. 3 the quality of being actual seems to question the very materiality of the universe Synonyms actuality, factuality, fact, realityRelated Words authenticity, genuineness, truth, verityNear Antonyms fancy, fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, fictitiousness; dreaminess, surrealityAntonyms irreality, unreality

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a brief usually trivial fact

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