Synonyms and Antonyms of reality

  1. 1 something that actually exists the ambition to make his dreams a reality Synonyms actuality, case, materiality, factRelated Words certainty, inevitability; circumstance, event, occurrence, phenomenon; element, item, particular, thingNear Antonyms eventuality, possibility, potentiality, probabilityAntonyms fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, illusion

  2. 2 the fact of being or of being real no one denies the reality of electricity, though few people understand it fully Synonyms actuality, corporality, corporeality, existence, subsistence, thingnessRelated Words genuineness, realness; activity, animation, life; currency, presence, prevalenceNear Antonyms absence, dearth, lack, want; potentiality, virtualityAntonyms inexistence, nonbeing, nonexistence, nothingness, unreality

  3. 3 the quality of being actual the reality of the situation finally dawned on her and she sat down in stunned silence Synonyms actuality, factuality, materiality, factRelated Words authenticity, genuineness, truth, verityNear Antonyms fancy, fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, fictitiousness; dreaminess, surrealityAntonyms irreality, unreality

  4. 4 one that has a real and independent existence you'll need to cope with a whole new set of realities once you've become a parent Synonyms being, commodity, existent, individual, individuality, integer, object, entity, something, substance, thingRelated Words body, subject; material, matter, quantity, stuffNear Antonyms nonentity

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