Synonyms and Antonyms of subsistence

  1. 1 the fact of being or of being real believes in the subsistence of a soul as a separate entity from the body Synonyms actuality, corporality, corporeality, reality, existence, thingnessRelated Words genuineness, realness; activity, animation, life; currency, presence, prevalenceNear Antonyms absence, dearth, lack, want; potentiality, virtualityAntonyms inexistence, nonbeing, nonexistence, nothingness, unreality

  2. 2 uninterrupted or lasting existence the subsistence of the patient's infection, even after the use of antibiotics, had the doctors puzzled Synonyms abidance, ceaselessness, continuance, continuity, continuousness, durability, duration, endurance, persistence, continuationRelated Words drawing out, elongation, extension, lengthening, prolongation, prolonging, stretching; enduringness, permanence; survivalNear Antonyms abridgment (or abridgement), curtailment, cutback, shorteningAntonyms cessation, close, discontinuance, discontinuity, end, ending, expiration, finish, stoppage, surcease, termination

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