Synonyms and Antonyms of discontinuity

  1. 1 an open space in a barrier (as a wall or hedge) microscopic discontinuities in the connecting wires Synonyms breach, break, gap, gulf, hiatus, hole, interstice, interval, opening, rent, rift, separation, voidRelated Words chink, cleft, crack, cranny, crevice, fissure; notch, slit, slot, split; interspace, pore; abyss, aperture, cavity, chasm, gape, orifice; fracture, rupture, severance, sundering

  2. 2 a break in continuity a noticeable discontinuity in the flow of the story Synonyms gap, hiatus, hiccup (also hiccough), interim, interlude, intermission, interregnum, interruption, interstice, interval, parenthesisRelated Words caesura, comma, interspace, lag, pause, space, time lag, window; entr'acte; bumper; adjournment, discontinuance, lapse, suspension; lull, recess, respite, rest; subintervalNear Antonyms continuum, run, stretch; procession, progressionAntonyms continuation, continuity

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