Synonyms and Antonyms of notch

  1. 1 a V-shaped cut usually on an edge or a surface lifted up the fence rail and positioned it in the notch cut into the post Synonyms chip, hack, indent, indentation, indenture, kerf, nick Related Words joggle, nock, punch, snip; groove, score, undercut; slit, slot

  2. 2 a narrow opening between hillsides or mountains that can be used for passage try to get through the notch before the storm blows in Synonyms col, couloir, defile, flume, gap, gill [British], gorge, gulch, gulf, kloof [South African], linn [chiefly Scottish], canyon, pass, ravine, saddleRelated Words abyss, chasm, cirque, cleft, crevasse, crevice, cwm [chiefly British], fissure; combe (also coombe or coomb) [British], dale, dell, glen, hollow, shut-in, vale, valley; basin, floodplain, kettle; arroyo, barranca (also barranco), coulee, draw, gully (also gulley), gutter, nullah, trench, trough, wadi, wash [West]

  3. 3 an individual part of a process, series, or ranking sales for the album increased, and it moved up another notch on the music charts Synonyms chapter, cut, grade, inch, degree, peg, phase, place, point, stage, stepRelated Words angle, aspect, facet, side; amount, measure, plane; decrement, increment

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a rounded knoll or a ridge of ice

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