Synonyms and Antonyms of nick

  1. 1 a V-shaped cut usually on an edge or a surface I made a nick in the frame when I accidentally dropped it Synonyms chip, hack, indent, indentation, indenture, kerf, notchRelated Words joggle, nock, punch, snip; groove, score, undercut; slit, slot

  2. 2 British slang  a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody the blokes at the pub traded stories of nights spent in the nick after having lifted too many pints Synonyms bastille, big house [slang], bridewell, brig, calaboose, can, clink [slang], cooler, coop, guardroom, hock, hold, hoosegow, jailhouse, joint [slang], jug, lockup, jail [British slang], pen, penitentiary, pokey [slang], prison, quod [British slang], slam, slammer, stir [slang], stockade, tolbooth [Scottish]Related Words bull pen, cage, cell, hole, tank; block, ward; glasshouse [British], guardhouse, hulk(s); concentration camp, gulag, labor camp, prison camp, stalag, work camp; dungeon, keep, oubliette; reformatory, reform school, training schoolNear Antonyms outside

  3. 3 British  a state of being or fitness the princess is in excellent nick these days Synonyms estate, fettle, form, health, keeping, kilter, condition [British], order, repair, shape, trimRelated Words practice (also practise); pass, phase, stage; footing, picture, posture, scene, status, situation; rank, standingNear Antonyms disorder, disrepair


verb, British slang

Synonyms and Antonyms of nick

  1. 1 to take (something) without right and with an intent to keep that lorry was a piece of rubbish, I don't know why anyone would want to nick it Synonyms appropriate, boost [slang], filch, heist, hook, lift, misappropriate, steal [British slang], nip, pilfer, pinch, pocket, purloin, rip off, snitch, swipe, thieveRelated Words burglarize, knock over, rob; loot, pillage, plunder, sack; carjack, hijack (also highjack); pick, rifle; poach, rustle, shoplift; collar, grab, grasp, nail, seize, snatch, take; mooch, sponge; abduct, kidnap, shanghai, spiritNear Antonyms buy, purchase; bestow, contribute, donate, give, hand over, present

  2. 2 to take or keep under one's control by authority of law a petty thief who was always getting nicked for picking the pockets of tourists outside Buckingham Palace Synonyms apprehend, bust [slang], collar, nab, nail, arrest [British slang], pick up, pinch, pull in, restrain, run in, seizeRelated Words bag, capture, catch, get, grab, grapple, hook, land, snap (up), snare, snatch, trap; commit, confine, detain, hold, immure, imprison, incarcerate, intern, jail, jug, lock (up); bind, enchain, fetter, handcuff, manacle, shackle, trammel; rearrest; remandNear Antonyms emancipate, free, liberate, loose, loosen, release, spring; unbind, unchainAntonyms discharge

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