Synonyms and Antonyms of boost

  1. 1 an act or instance of helping she always liked to give struggling families in the neighborhood a boost Synonyms of boost abetment, aid, assist, assistance, backing, help, hand, helping hand, leg up, lift, supportWords Related to boost advancement, encouragement, facilitation, forwarding, furtherance, furthering, nurturance; benefaction, patronage, promotion, sponsorship; advice, care, counsel, guidance, mentoring; attendance, attention, hand-holding, service; beneficence, charity, favor, kindness, philanthropy; assuagement, palliation, relief, succorNear Antonyms of boost constraint, frustration, inhibition, interference, obstruction, repression, restraint; deterrence, discouragementAntonyms of boost hindrance

  2. 2 something added (as by growth) a sudden boost in sales Synonyms of boost accretion, accrual, addendum, addition, augmentation, increase, expansion, gain, increment, more, plus, proliferation, raise, rise, step-up, supplement, uptickWords Related to boost accumulation, assemblage, collection, gathering; complement; accession, appendix, continuation, extension, uptrend, upturn; jump, run-up, spikeNear Antonyms of boost deduction, subtractionAntonyms of boost abatement, decline, decrease, decrement, depletion, diminishment, diminution, drop-off, fall, falloff, lessening, loss, lowering, reduction, shrinkage, step-down

  3. 3 something that arouses action or activity according to the President, a tax cut is just the boost that the economy needs Synonyms of boost impulse, encouragement, goad, impetus, incentive, incitation, incitement, instigation, momentum, motivation, provocation, spur, stimulant, stimulus, yeastWords Related to boost inducement, invitation; antecedent, cause, consideration, grounds, motive, occasion, reason; catalyst, catalyzer, fuel, sparkAntonyms of boost counterincentive, disincentive



Synonyms and Antonyms of boost

  1. 1 to lift with effort boosted the child into her car seat Synonyms of boost heave, heft, hoist, jack (up), upheaveWords Related to boost elevate, hike, pick up, raise, rear, up, uplift, upraise, uprearNear Antonyms of boost depress, drop, lower; sink, submerge, submerse

  2. 2 to make greater in size, amount, or number a promotion that boosted the number of interested customers milling about the showroom Synonyms of boost accelerate, add (to), aggrandize, amplify, augment, increase, build up, compound, enlarge, escalate, expand, extend, hype, multiply, pump up, raise, swell, stoke, supersize, upWords Related to boost boom, jump, skyrocket, spike; bump (up), ratchet (up) also rachet (up); blow up, dilate, distend, inflate; draw out, elongate, flesh (out), lengthen, prolong, protract, stretch; develop, enhance, heighten, intensify, magnify; complement, supplement; beef (up), reinforce (also reenforce), strengthen; maximize; accumulate, amass, collect; follow up, parlayNear Antonyms of boost abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten; compress, condense, constrict, contract; cut back, retrenchAntonyms of boost abate, decrease, de-escalate, diminish, downsize, dwindle, lessen, lower, minify, reduce, subtract (from)

  3. 3 to make markedly greater in measure or degree let's boost the volume on the radio so everyone can hear Synonyms of boost accentuate, amp (up), amplify, beef (up), intensify, consolidate, deepen, enhance, heighten, magnify, redouble, step up, strengthenWords Related to boost broaden, enlarge, expand, extend, lengthen; accelerate, hasten, quicken; emphasize, point (up), sharpen, stress; augment, enforce, reinforce (also reenforce), restrengthen, supplement; maximize; enliven, jazz (up); aggravate, exacerbateNear Antonyms of boost decrease, diminish, lessen, let up (on), reduce, subdue, tone (down), weaken; dwindle, recede, subside, taper (off), wane; alleviate, ease, lightenAntonyms of boost abate, moderate

  4. 4 to move from a lower to a higher place or position boosted the box onto the top shelf Synonyms of boost raise, crane, elevate, heave, heft, heighten, hike, hoist, jack (up), lift, perk (up), pick up, take up, up, uphold, uplift, upraiseWords Related to boost ascend, mount, rise; rear, upendNear Antonyms of boost descend, dip, fall, pitch, plunge, slip; bear, depress, press, push; sink, submergeAntonyms of boost drop, lower

  5. 5 to provide publicity for boosted the singer's latest release with a round of appearances on all the talk and entertainment shows Synonyms of boost ballyhoo, hype, pitch, plug, promote, talk up, toutWords Related to boost advertise, bark, merchandise (also merchandize), sell; push; acclaim, hail, laud, praise; endorse (also indorse), plump (for), plunk (for) or plonk (for); recommend, review; announce, broadcast, publish

  6. 6 slang  to take (something) without right and with an intent to keep the woman was nabbed trying to boost a couple of bottles of perfume Synonyms of boost appropriate, steal [slang], filch, heist, hook, lift, misappropriate, nick [British slang], nip, pilfer, pinch, pocket, purloin, rip off, snitch, swipe, thieveWords Related to boost burglarize, knock over, rob; loot, pillage, plunder, sack; carjack, hijack (also highjack); pick, rifle; poach, rustle, shoplift; collar, grab, grasp, nail, seize, snatch, take; mooch, sponge; abduct, kidnap, shanghai, spiritNear Antonyms of boost buy, purchase; bestow, contribute, donate, give, hand over, present

Synonym Discussion of boost

lift, raise, rear, elevate, hoist, heave, boost mean to move from a lower to a higher place or position. lift usually implies exerting effort to overcome resistance of weight.
    • lift the chair while I vacuum
raise carries a stronger implication of bringing up to the vertical or to a high position.
    • scouts raising a flagpole
rear may add an element of suddenness to raise.
    • suddenly reared itself up on its hind legs
elevate may replace lift or raise especially when exalting or enhancing is implied.
    • elevated the taste of the public
hoist implies lifting something heavy especially by mechanical means.
    • hoisted the cargo on board
heave implies lifting and throwing with great effort or strain.
    • heaved the heavy crate inside
boost suggests assisting to climb or advance by a push.
    • boosted his brother over the fence

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to provide what is needed to exist

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