Synonyms and Antonyms of pitch

  1. 1 an act or instance of diving the daring pitch of the escaped prisoner into the swirling ocean waters at the base of the cliff Synonyms dive, plungeRelated Words dip, immersion, submersion; fall, plump, slip, spill, stumble, tumble; descent, drop; belly flop, header, jackknife, swan diveNear Antonyms jump, leap

  2. 2 the degree to which something rises up from a position level with the horizon the steep pitch of the roof makes it too dangerous to walk on Synonyms cant, diagonal, grade, gradient, inclination, incline, lean, slant, rake, slope, tilt, upgradeRelated Words ascent, bank, climb, riseNear Antonyms declension, declination, decline, declivity, descent, dip, downgrade, fall, hang, hanging, receding



Synonyms and Antonyms of pitch

  1. 1 to fix in an upright position needed help pitching a tent Synonyms erect, put up, raise, rear, set up, upend, upraiseRelated Words brace, buttress, prop (up), shore (up), support; boost, crane, elevate, heave, heft, heighten, hike, hoist, jack (up), lift, perk (up), pick up, up, uphold, upliftNear Antonyms demolish, flatten, knock down, level, raze, tear down

  2. 2 to cast oneself head first into deep water when a wave hit the float, I lost my balance and pitched into the lake Synonyms dive, plunge, soundRelated Words dip, immerse, submerge; belly flop, plump, plunk (or plonk)Near Antonyms surface

  3. 3 to make a series of unsteady side-to-side motions the ship pitched in the choppy sea Synonyms careen, lurch, rock, roll, seesaw, sway, toss, wobble (also wabble)Related Words blunder, buck, dodder, falter, flounder, halt, hitch, hobble, jerk, jolt, reel, shake, stagger, stumble, teeter, toddle, totter, tumble, vacillate, vibrate, waddle, waver, weave; oscillate, undulate, wag, waggle

  4. 4 to send through the air especially with a quick forward motion of the arm pitched the baseball almost 50 feet Synonyms cast, catapult, chuck, dash, fire, fling, heave, hurl, hurtle, launch, lob, loft, peg, pelt, throw, sling, tossRelated Words bowl, dart, flip, gun, hook, pass, roll, shoot; buck, eject, impel, precipitate, project, propel, rifle, thrust

  5. 5 to get rid of as useless or unwanted we decided to pitch that whole system and start over again Synonyms cashier, cast (off), chuck, deep-six, ditch, dump, eighty-six (or 86), exorcise (also exorcize), fling (off or away), jettison, junk, lay by, lose, discard, reject, scrap, shed, shuck (off), slough (off) also sluff (off), throw away, throw out, toss, unloadRelated Words abandon, abdicate, desert, forsake; dismiss, kick out; abolish, annihilate, eliminate, eradicate, expunge, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, liquidate, remove, root (out), stamp (out), wipe outNear Antonyms adopt, embrace, take on; employ, use, utilize; hold, hold back, keep, retain

  6. 6 to provide publicity for the cutting-edge ad agency was hired to pitch our products to a younger generation of consumers Synonyms ballyhoo, hype, publicize, plug, promote, talk up, toutRelated Words advertise, bark, merchandise (also merchandize), sell; push; acclaim, hail, laud, praise; endorse (also indorse), plump (for), plunk (for) or plonk (for); recommend, review; announce, broadcast, publish

  7. 7 to set or cause to be at an angle the roof should be pitched steeply enough to prevent an excessive accumulation of snow Synonyms angle, cant, cock, heel, incline, list, lean, slant, slope, tilt, tipRelated Words bank; bend, deviate, swerve, veer; decline, descend, recline, retreatNear Antonyms even, flatten, level, straighten

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