Synonyms and Antonyms of lift

  1. 1 an act or instance of helping the company's senior vice president gave his son a much-needed lift up the corporate ladder Synonyms abetment, aid, assist, assistance, backing, boost, hand, helping hand, leg up, help, supportRelated Words advancement, encouragement, facilitation, forwarding, furtherance, furthering, nurturance; benefaction, patronage, promotion, sponsorship; advice, care, counsel, guidance, mentoring; attendance, attention, hand-holding, service; beneficence, charity, favor, kindness, philanthropy; assuagement, palliation, relief, succorNear Antonyms constraint, frustration, inhibition, interference, obstruction, repression, restraint; deterrence, discouragementAntonyms hindrance

  2. 2 a means of getting to a destination in a vehicle driven by another I'll need a lift to work while my car is in the shop Synonyms ride, transportationRelated Words drive, spin, turn; joyride; conveyance, passage, transit, transport



Synonyms and Antonyms of lift

  1. 1 to move from a lower to a higher place or position I needed help lifting the heavy globe back up to the top shelf Synonyms boost, crane, elevate, heave, heft, heighten, hike, hoist, jack (up), raise, perk (up), pick up, take up, up, uphold, uplift, upraiseRelated Words ascend, mount, rise; rear, upendNear Antonyms descend, dip, fall, pitch, plunge, slip; bear, depress, press, push; sink, submergeAntonyms drop, lower

  2. 2 to move or extend upward once the sun started to cut through the morning fog, the colorful hot-air balloons began to lift off from the field Synonyms arise, aspire, climb, ascend, mount, rise, soar, thrust, up, uprise, upthrust, upturnRelated Words surge, tower; boost, elevate, raise, upheave, uplift, upraise; balloon, blast off, take off, zoom; crest, scale, surmount, top; cant, incline, lean, list, recline, slant, slope, tilt, tipNear Antonyms dive, nose-dive, plummet, sink, slideAntonyms decline, descend, dip, drop, fall (off), plunge

  3. 3 to take (something) without right and with an intent to keep she turned her back for just a moment, and somebody lifted her purse Synonyms appropriate, boost [slang], filch, heist, hook, steal, misappropriate, nick [British slang], nip, pilfer, pinch, pocket, purloin, rip off, snitch, swipe, thieveRelated Words burglarize, knock over, rob; loot, pillage, plunder, sack; carjack, hijack (also highjack); pick, rifle; poach, rustle, shoplift; collar, grab, grasp, nail, seize, snatch, take; mooch, sponge; abduct, kidnap, shanghai, spiritNear Antonyms buy, purchase; bestow, contribute, donate, give, hand over, present

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