Synonyms and Antonyms of crest

  1. 1 the highest part or point at that point the filmmaker was at the crest of his critical acclaim, which included winning an Oscar Synonyms acme, apex, apogee, capstone, climax, crescendo, height, crown, culmination, head, high noon, high tide, high-water mark, meridian, ne plus ultra, noon, noontime, peak, pinnacle, sum, summit, tip-top, top, zenithRelated Words bloom, blossom, flood tide, flower, glory, heyday, prime; cap, ceiling, roof; extreme, extremity, tip, vertex; high, highlight, highspotNear Antonyms abyss, base, foot; minimumAntonyms bottom, nadir, rock bottom

  2. 2 the line formed when two sloping surfaces come together along their topmost edge the hiking party reached the crest of the mountain just as it began to thunder Synonyms ridgeRelated Words divide; backbone, ridgepole, spine; eminence, peak, prominence, promontory, rise

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