Synonyms and Antonyms of eminence

  1. 1 the fact or state of being above others in rank or importance the eminence of the Nobel Prize in the field of awards and prizes Synonyms distinction, dominance, noteworthiness, paramountcy, preeminence, preponderance, preponderancy, prepotency, prestigiousness, primacy, superiority, supremacy, transcendence Related Words celebrity, fame, famousness, glory, honor, kudos, renown, reputation, repute; megastardom, stardom, superstardom; greatness, illustriousness, nobleness, notableness; ascendance (also ascendence), ascendancy (also ascendency), authority, domination, dominion; influence, power, prestige, weight; infamy, notoriety Near Antonyms insignificance; inferiority, mediocrity; obscureness, obscurity

  2. 2 an area of high ground the old citadel sits on an eminence with a commanding view of the city Synonyms altitude(s), elevation, height, highland, hill, hump, mound, prominence, rise, uplandRelated Words alp, mount, mountain, peak; butte, mesa, plateau, table, tableland; bluff, cliff, crag, precipice, steep, tor; ridge, sierra; dome, sugarloaf; foothill, hillock, hummock, knob, knoll; downsNear Antonyms dale, dell, depression, dingle, glen, hollow, vale, valley; basin, bottom, bottomland, fen, flat, floodplain, plain, tidewaterAntonyms lowland

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