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  1. 1 the right or means to command or control others the emir has nearly complete power over the emirate Synonyms arm, authority, clutch, command, control, death grip, dominion, grip, hold, mastery, reign, rein(s), sway Related Words clout, influence, leverage, pull, voice, weight; jurisdiction; direction, management; dominance, imperium, predominance, sovereignty (also sovranty), supremacy; prerogative, privilege, right; eminence, importance, moment Near Antonyms helplessness, weakness Antonyms impotence, impotency, powerlessness

  2. 2 the ability to exert effort for the accomplishment of a task the corporation has the power to accomplish almost anything you'll need to build a bit more power in order to be a star pitcher Synonyms energy, firepower, force, horsepower, might, muscle, potence, potency, puissance, sinew, strength, vigor Related Words aptitude, capability, capacity, competence, competency; adequacy, effectiveness, effectualness, usefulness Near Antonyms disability, inability, inaptitude, incapability, incapableness, incapacity, incompetence, incompetency; ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, ineffectualness, inefficaciousness, inefficacy, uselessness; helplessness, paralysis Antonyms impotence, impotency, powerlessness, weakness

  3. 3 a natural ability of the mind or body dogs have a very highly developed power of smell Synonyms faculty Related Words function; capability, capacity; aptitude, endowment, flair, genius, gift, instinct, knack, talent Near Antonyms inability, incapability, incapacity; inaptitude, inaptness, ineptness

  4. 4 something with a usable capacity for doing work nuclear power Synonyms energy, fuelRelated Words kindling, propellant (also propellent); force

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