Synonyms and Antonyms of activate

  1. to cause to function the thermostat is set to activate the heating system only when the temperature drops below 65 degrees Synonyms actuate, crank (up), drive, move, run, set off, spark, start, touch off, trigger, turn on Related Words kick over, turn over; charge, electrify, energize, fire, fuel, generate, power, push; discharge, launch, release, switch, trip; reactivate, recharge; arouse, excite, jump-start, kick-start, stimulate, vitalize; ignite, incite, instigate, provoke, quicken, stir up; accelerate, catalyze, speed (up), step up Near Antonyms arrest, brake, check, cut off, draw up, halt, jam, stall, stick, stop; decelerate, repress, slow, stunt, suppress Antonyms cut, cut out, deactivate, kill, shut off, turn off

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