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as in to adhere
to hold to something firmly as if by adhesion those magnets are strong enough to stick to the refrigerator without any problems

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How does the verb stick contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of stick are adhere, cleave, cling, and cohere. While all these words mean "to become closely attached," stick implies attachment by affixing or by being glued together.

couldn't get the label to stick

When would adhere be a good substitute for stick?

While in some cases nearly identical to stick, adhere is often interchangeable with stick but sometimes implies a growing together.

antibodies adhering to a virus

When is cleave a more appropriate choice than stick?

While the synonyms cleave and stick are close in meaning, cleave stresses strength of attachment.

the wet shirt cleaved to his back

In what contexts can cling take the place of stick?

The meanings of cling and stick largely overlap; however, cling implies attachment by hanging on with arms or tendrils.

clinging to a capsized boat

When might cohere be a better fit than stick?

In some situations, the words cohere and stick are roughly equivalent. However, cohere suggests a sticking together of parts so that they form a unified mass.

eggs will make the mixture cohere

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