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How is the word fasten distinct from other similar verbs?

Some common synonyms of fasten are affix, attach, and fix. While all these words mean "to make something stay firmly in place," fasten implies an action such as tying, buttoning, nailing, locking, or otherwise securing.

fasten the reins to a post

When is it sensible to use affix instead of fasten?

In some situations, the words affix and fasten are roughly equivalent. However, affix implies an imposing of one thing on another by gluing, impressing, or nailing.

affix your address label here

When could attach be used to replace fasten?

Although the words attach and fasten have much in common, attach suggests a connecting or uniting by a bond, link, or tie in order to keep things together.

attach the W-2 form here

When can fix be used instead of fasten?

While the synonyms fix and fasten are close in meaning, fix usually implies a driving in, implanting, or embedding.

fixed the stake in the ground

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