Synonyms and Antonyms of fasten

  1. 1 to cause (something) to hold to another use this paper clip to fasten your picture to the application form Synonyms affix, attach, bend, fix Related Words adhere, bolt, cinch, clamp, clasp, clench, clinch, clip, glue, hang, harness, hasp, lace, lash, latch, nail, paste, pin, plaster, rivet, screw, shackle, staple, stick, strap, tack, tackle, tie, toggle, yoke; coapt, connect, join, link, unite; reaffix, reattach, refasten, refix, resecure; batten, belay, button, do up Near Antonyms break up, disconnect, disjoin, disjoint, dissever, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, part, separate, sever, split, sunder, uncouple, unlink, unyoke; loose, loosen; unbind, unfix, unlash, untie Antonyms detach, undo, unfasten, unhook

  2. 2 to put securely in place or in a desired position don't forget to fasten all the lines on your tent Synonyms anchor, catch, clamp, fix, hitch, moor, secure, set Related Words embed (also imbed), entrench (also intrench), implant, ingrain (also engrain), lodge, stuff, wedge Near Antonyms extract, prize, pry, pull, root (out), tear (out), uproot, wrest, yank Antonyms loose, loosen, unfasten, unfix, unloose, unloosen

  3. 3 to fix (as one's attention) steadily toward a central objective if you could fasten your attention on one task for more than a minute, you just might get something done Synonyms center, concentrate, focus, rivet, trainRelated Words aim, direct, home (in on), hone in (on), level, nail, point, set, zero (in on); attend, heed, mind; fixate (on), obsess (over); refocus

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