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  1. 1 to draw out by force or with effort the boy wrested the book out of his sister's hands Synonyms corkscrew, prize, pry, pull, root (out), tear (out), uproot, extract, wring, yankRelated Words mine, pluck, remove, take (out), withdrawNear Antonyms implant, insert, install, instill; cram, jam, ram, stuff, wedge

  2. 2 to get (as money) by the use of force or threats vowed that the bully had wrested his lunch money from him for the last time Synonyms exact, extort, wringRelated Words bleed, fleece, gouge, milk, skin, squeeze; cheat, gyp, racketeer, swindle; coerce, compel, force

  3. 3 to get with great difficulty farmers who were used to wresting a living from the harsh land Synonyms scrape (up or together), scrounge, squeeze, eke, wringRelated Words acquire, attain, draw, earn, gain, land, obtain, procure, secure

  4. 4 to move by or as if by a forceful rotation I need a strong arm to wrest the lid off this pickle jar Synonyms twist, wrench, wringRelated Words draw, dredge (up), extract, jerk, lug, pluck, pull, tug, tweak, yank; jimmy, lever, pry; budge, dislocate, displace, disturb, remove; shift, transfer, transpose

  5. 5 to separate or remove by forceful pulling wrested open the stuck door of the cabinet Synonyms rip, wrench, tear, yankRelated Words grab, nab, seize, snap (up), snatch; lop (off), nip; amputate, cut (off), dissever, sever; extract, force, jerk, prize, pry, pull, root (out), uprootNear Antonyms reattach

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to cast off or become cast off

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