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to set permanently in the consciousness or mind-set a charismatic leader who instilled in his followers a passionate commitment to the cause

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How does the verb instill differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of instill are implant, inculcate, infix, and inseminate. While all these words mean "to introduce into the mind," instill stresses gradual, gentle imparting of knowledge over a long period of time.

instill traditional values in your children

When would implant be a good substitute for instill?

While in some cases nearly identical to instill, implant implies teaching that makes for permanence of what is taught.

implanted a love of reading in her students

Where would inculcate be a reasonable alternative to instill?

While the synonyms inculcate and instill are close in meaning, inculcate implies persistent or repeated efforts to impress on the mind.

tried to inculcate in him high moral standards

When could infix be used to replace instill?

Although the words infix and instill have much in common, infix stresses firmly inculcating a habit of thought.

infixed a chronic cynicism

In what contexts can inseminate take the place of instill?

The meanings of inseminate and instill largely overlap; however, inseminate applies to a sowing of ideas in many minds so that they spread through a class or nation.

inseminated an unquestioning faith in technology

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