Synonyms and Antonyms of fix

  1. 1 a difficult, puzzling, or embarrassing situation from which there is no easy escape what a fix we're in! Synonyms of fix bind, box, catch-22, corner, dilemma, predicament, hole, impasse, jackpot [chiefly West], jam, mire, pickle, quagmire, rabbit hole, rattrap, spot, sticky wicket, swampWords Related to fix difficulty, node; hot water, soup; pinch, plight, quandary, scrape, trouble; deadlock, halt, logjam, stalemate, standstill; clutch, crisis, crossroad, emergency, exigency, juncture, strait

  2. 2 something given or promised in order to improperly influence a person's conduct or decision caught the judge on video accepting the fix from the mob boss Synonyms of fix backhander [British], boodle, cumshaw, bribe, sopWords Related to fix baksheesh, kickback, payoff; slush fund; incentive, incitement, instigation, motivation, provocation, spur, stimulation, stimulus; boost, encouragement, goad, inducement; allurement, bait, enticement, lure, seduction, temptation, turn-on; flattery, persuasion; decoy, snare, trap

  3. 3 an opinion on the nature, character, or quality of something what's your fix on the military situation over there? Synonyms of fix appraisal, appraisement, assessment, estimate, evaluation, estimation, judgment (or judgement), value judgmentWords Related to fix aperçu, feeling, impression, notion, perception; confidence, faith, stock, trust; belief, conviction, mind, persuasion, sentiment, view; conjecture, guess, hunch, hypothesis, surmise, theory



Synonyms and Antonyms of fix

  1. 1 to arrange something in a certain spot or position fixed my hair so that it would stop falling in my eyes Synonyms of fix depose, deposit, dispose, emplace, place, lay, position, put, set, set up, situate, stickWords Related to fix move, rearrange, reorder, shift; orient; establish, locate, plant, settle; clap, flop, plank, plop, plump, plunk (or plonk), plunk down, slap; ensconce, niche; assemble, collect; carry; berth, park; affix, anchor, lock, lodge, wedge; array, lay out, line up, queue, rank; set downNear Antonyms of fix relocate, remove, take; banish; dislodge, displace, replace, supersede, supplant

  2. 2 to cause (something) to hold to another first, you need to fix those pieces of wood together Synonyms of fix affix, attach, bend, fastenWords Related to fix adhere, bolt, cinch, clamp, clasp, clench, clinch, clip, glue, hang, harness, hasp, lace, lash, latch, nail, paste, pin, plaster, rivet, screw, shackle, staple, stick, strap, tack, tackle, tie, toggle, yoke; coapt, connect, join, link, unite; reaffix, reattach, refasten, refix, resecure; batten, belay, button, do upNear Antonyms of fix break up, disconnect, disjoin, disjoint, dissever, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, part, separate, sever, split, sunder, uncouple, unlink, unyoke; loose, loosen; unbind, unfix, unlash, untieAntonyms of fix detach, undo, unfasten, unhook

  3. 3 to come to an agreement or decision concerning the details of make sure to fix the number of guests with the bride's family before drawing up a list of people from the groom's side Synonyms of fix agree (on), decide, arrange, set, settleWords Related to fix contract, pledge, promise; blueprint, calculate, chart, concert, design, draft, frame, hammer out, intrigue, lay out, maneuver, map (out), plan, program (also programme), schematize, scheme, shape, square away, work out; choose, conclude, determine, figure, opt, resolve; affirm, approve, authorize, clear, confirm, OK (or okay), sanction, warrant; close, complete, end, finalize, finish, round (off or out), wind up, wrap up; bargain, chaffer, deal, dicker, haggle, horse-trade, negotiateNear Antonyms of fix abort, call, call off, drop, recall, repeal, rescind, revoke; differ (over), disagree (with); counter, debate, object, oppose, protest, resist; contest, dispute

  4. 4 to decide upon (the time or date for an event) usually from a position of authority have we fixed a day for the party yet? Synonyms of fix designate, appoint, name, setWords Related to fix adopt, assign, choose, determine, establish, opt (for), pick, pin (down), prefer, select, settle, single (out), specify; arrange, coordinate, orchestrate; advertise, announce, declare, publish

  5. 5 to make ready in advance would you mind fixing dinner tonight? Synonyms of fix fit, prepare, groom, lay, prep, readyWords Related to fix brace, fortify, gird, steel; batten, gather, gear up, mount; educate, indoctrinate, instruct, school, train, tutor; boot (up), prime; arrange, set, spread; arm, equip, forearm, furnish, outfit, provide, supply; incline, predispose; draft, draw up, frame; warm (up)

  6. 6 to put into good shape or working order again have to fix the car before we can go Synonyms of fix doctor, mend, patch, recondition, renovate, repair, revampWords Related to fix fix up, furbish, overhaul, rebuild, reconstruct, refurbish; aid, cure, heal, help; condition, prepare, ready; care (for), maintain, service; freshen, refresh, refreshen, regenerate, rejuvenate, renew, restore, revitalize, revive; adjust, correct, modify, rectify, redress, reform, right; ameliorate, better, enhance, enrich, improve, meliorateNear Antonyms of fix blemish, break, damage, deface, disfigure, flaw, harm, hurt, impair, injure, mar, ruin, spoil, vandalize, wreck; cripple, disable, maim, mangle, mutilate

  7. 7 to put securely in place or in a desired position fixed the mittens to the child's snowsuit Synonyms of fix anchor, catch, clamp, fasten, hitch, moor, secure, setWords Related to fix embed (also imbed), entrench (also intrench), implant, ingrain (also engrain), lodge, stuff, wedgeNear Antonyms of fix extract, prize, pry, pull, root (out), tear (out), uproot, wrest, yankAntonyms of fix loose, loosen, unfasten, unfix, unloose, unloosen

  8. 8 to set solidly in or as if in surrounding matter the image of what Santa Claus looks like is solidly fixed in our minds Synonyms of fix bed, embed (also imbed), enroot, entrench, impact, implant, ingrain (also engrain), lodge, rootWords Related to fix imbue, infuse, instill; beat (into), drive (into); establish, place, put, settle, stickNear Antonyms of fix eliminate, eradicate; eject, expel; detach, disconnect, disengage, removeAntonyms of fix dislodge, root (out), uproot

  9. 9 to remove the sex organs of the animal shelter requires a pledge from the adoptive owner that they will have their new pet fixed Synonyms of fix alter, desex, neuterWords Related to fix castrate, emasculate, geld; spay; sterilize

  10. 10 to restore to a healthy condition it took surgery and months of physical therapy to completely fix her bum knee Synonyms of fix cure, heal, mend, rehab, rehabilitate, set upWords Related to fix attend (to), care (for), doctor, medicate, minister (to), nurse, physic, treat; fortify, rejuvenate, renew, resuscitate, revitalize, revive; alleviate, relieve, remedy, repairNear Antonyms of fix cripple, damage, disable, harm, hurt, impair, injure, lacerate, lame, maim, mangle, mutilate, wound; afflict, ail, debilitate, enervate, enfeeble, lay up, sap, sicken, waste, weaken

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to suppress quietly or indirectly

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