Synonyms and Antonyms of strait

  1. 1 a narrow body of water between two land masses as the ship headed east through the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain was on our left and Africa on our right Synonyms narrows, neck, sound, channelRelated Words arm, bay, gulf, inlet; roads, roadstead; reach, stretch

  2. 2 often straits pl  a state of great suffering of body or mind in great straits over the loss of her mother's cherished necklace Synonyms affliction, agony, anguish, excruciation, hurt, misery, pain, rack, distress(s), torment, torture, travail, tribulation, woeRelated Words discomfort; cross, crucible, trial; heartache, heartbreak, joylessness, sadness, sorrow, unhappiness; emergency, pinch; asperity, difficulty, hardship, rigor; ache, pang, smarting, soreness, stitch, throe, twinge; danger, jeopardy, troubleNear Antonyms comfort, consolation, solace; alleviation, assuagement, ease, relief; peace, security; well-being

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