Synonyms and Antonyms of carry

  1. 1 to support and take from one place to another each camper must be able to carry his or her own backpack Synonyms bear, cart, convey, ferry, haul, lug, pack, tote, transport Related Words deliver, hand over, transfer; forward, send, ship, transmit; bring, fetch, take; move, remove, shift

  2. 2 to wear or have on one's person I always carry a camera with me so as to never miss a great shot Synonyms bear, pack Related Words flaunt, show off, sport; display, exhibit, parade, show

  3. 3 to bring before the public in performance or exhibition all of the television networks will carry the president's speech Synonyms present, give, mount, offer, stageRelated Words display, exhibit, expose, parade, show, show off, unveil; preview; act, impersonate, perform, play, portray; depict, dramatize, enact, render, represent; extend, proffer, tender

  4. 4 to have as part of a whole the idea of equality carries with it a number of other concepts Synonyms include, comprehend, contain, embrace, encompass, entail, involve, number, subsume, take inRelated Words comprise, consist (of); bracket; have, hold, own, possess; admit, receive; compose, constitute, form, make; assimilate, embody, incorporate, integrateNear Antonyms ban, bar, debar, preclude, prevent, prohibit; deny, refuse, reject; eliminate, except, rule out; lose, mislay, misplaceAntonyms exclude, leave (out), miss out [British], omit

  5. 5 to hold up or serve as a foundation for erected a trellis to carry the vine Synonyms bear, bolster, brace, buttress, support, prop (up), shore (up), stay, sustain, undergird, underpin, upholdRelated Words steady, truss, underlie

  6. 6 to receive as return for effort carried off the award for best picture of the year Synonyms acquire, attain, bag, bring in, capture, earn, come by, draw, gain, garner, get, knock down, land, make, obtain, procure, pull down, realize, reap, secure, winRelated Words clear, gross, net; accomplish, achieve, notch (up), score; accumulate, amass, draw, rack up; catch, pick up; annex, occupy, take over; reacquire, reattain, recapture, regain, remakeNear Antonyms accord, give, grant, pay; give up, hand over, part (with), relinquish, surrender, yieldAntonyms forfeit, lose

  7. 7 to manage the actions of (oneself) in a particular way during that difficult time the grieving parents carried themselves with unfailing grace and dignity Synonyms acquit, bear, behave, comport, conduct, demean, deport, quitRelated Words check, collect, compose, constrain, contain, control, curb, handle, inhibit, quiet, repress, restrain; moderate, modulate, temper; act, impersonate, playNear Antonyms act up, carry on, cut up, misbehave, misconduct

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