Synonyms and Antonyms of yield

  1. 1 an increase usually measured in money that comes from labor, business, or property the stock's yield has increased over the years Synonyms earnings, gain(s), incoming(s), proceeds, profit, return, revenue, incomeRelated Words killing, windfall; salary, take-home pay, tips, wages; bankroll, capital, coffers, exchequer, finances, funds, money, pocket, pocketbook, resources, wherewithalNear Antonyms charge, cost, disbursement, expenditures, expenses, outgo, outlay

  2. 2 something produced by physical or intellectual effort wheat farmers were able to increase the yield per acre substantially Synonyms affair, fruit, handiwork, labor, output, produce, production, thing, work, productRelated Words article, commodity, entry, object; goods, line, merchandise, wares; handcraft, handicraft; aftereffect, aftermath, conclusion, consequence, corollary, development, effect, issue, outcome, result, resultant, sequel, sequence, upshot; by-product, derivative, offshoot, offspring, outgrowth, residual, side effect (also side reaction), spin-off

  3. 3 the total amount collected or obtained especially at one time the yield from the police department's buyback program for firearms was staggering Synonyms bounty, catch, take, haulRelated Words bag; earnings, gain, gross, income, net, payoff, proceeds, profit, receipts, return, revenue, winnings; booty, loot, plunder, spoils, swag; appropriation, collectionNear Antonyms deduction, loss, subtraction



Synonyms and Antonyms of yield

  1. 1 to give up and cease resistance (as to a liking, temptation, or habit) I finally yielded to temptation and had a bowl of ice cream Synonyms bow, cave (in), give in, submit, succumb, surrender Related Words cater (to), gratify, indulge, wallow; acquiesce (to), concede (to); buckle (under), knuckle under; give over (to) Near Antonyms battle, breast, combat, confront, counter, defy, face, fight, meet, object, oppose, repel; thwart, withstand; reject; bridle, check, constrain, curb, inhibit, restrain, stifle Antonyms hold off, resist

  2. 2 to produce as revenue I expect that stock to yield at least 14% profit this year Synonyms bear, give, pay, return Related Words bring in, net; afford, furnish, provide, supply; pay off

  3. 3 to cease resistance (as to another's arguments, demands, or control) after initially balking at the order, the soldier yielded when the commanding officer threatened a formal charge of insubordination Synonyms blink, bow, budge, capitulate, concede, give in, knuckle under, quit, relent, submit, succumb, surrender Related Words acquiesce; defer Phrases say uncle, throw in the towel (also throw in the sponge) Near Antonyms contend, fight, hold off; battle, breast, combat, confront, counter, defy, face, meet, object, oppose, repel; thwart, withstand Antonyms resist

  4. 4 to be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind) the sort of embarrassing question that seldom yields an honest answer Synonyms beget, breed, bring, bring about, bring on, catalyze, cause, create, do, draw on, effectuate, engender, generate, induce, invoke, make, occasion, produce, prompt, result (in), spawn, translate (into), work, effectRelated Words conduce (to), contribute (to); decide, determine; begin, establish, father, found, inaugurate, initiate, innovate, institute, introduce, launch, pioneer, set, set up, start; advance, cultivate, develop, encourage, forward, foster, further, nourish, nurture, promote; enact, render, turn outNear Antonyms impede, limit, restrict; clamp down (on), crack down (on), crush, dampen, put down, quash, quell, repress, smother, squash, squelch, stifle, subdue, suppress; arrest, check, control, curb, inhibit, rein (in), restrain, retard; can [slang], kill, snuff (out), still; abolish, demolish, destroy, extinguish, liquidate, quench

  5. 5 to fall down or in as a result of physical pressure the door soon yielded to the battering ram Synonyms buckle, cave (in), crumple, founder, give, go, go out, implode, tumble, collapseRelated Words deflate, flatten, melt, melt down; break, break down, conk (out), crash, die, fail, give out, stall; burst, shatter, smash, splinter, split; crack, crumble, pop, snapNear Antonyms inflate, rise, swell

  6. 6 to give (something) over to the control or possession of another usually under duress refusing to yield the city to enemy troops Synonyms cede, cough up, deliver, give up, hand over, lay down, relinquish, render, turn in, turn over, surrenderRelated Words commit, consign, entrust (also intrust), transfer; forfeit, release, waive; abnegate, renounce, resign; abandon, desert, discard, forsake, part (with), shedNear Antonyms keep, retain, withhold

  7. 7 to give (oneself) over to something especially unrestrainedly weak-willed by nature, she yielded herself to every dietary temptation and then whined about it afterwards Synonyms deliver, give up, indulge, surrender, abandonRelated Words overdo, overindulge; bask, luxuriate, revel, roll, wallowNear Antonyms abstain (from), eschew, forbear, forgo (also forego), refrain (from); check, inhibit, restrainAntonyms deny

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