noun plural

Synonyms and Antonyms of earnings

  1. 1 an increase usually measured in money that comes from labor, business, or property earnings from her babysitting jobs that are being put away for college Synonyms income, gain(s), incoming(s), proceeds, profit, return, revenue, yieldRelated Words killing, windfall; salary, take-home pay, tips, wages; bankroll, capital, coffers, exchequer, finances, funds, money, pocket, pocketbook, resources, wherewithalNear Antonyms charge, cost, disbursement, expenditures, expenses, outgo, outlay

  2. 2 the amount of money left when expenses are subtracted from the total amount received after subtracting what we spent on music and refreshments, the earnings from our charity gala were still impressive Synonyms profit, gain, lucre, net, payoff, proceeds, returnRelated Words cleanup, killing, windfall; bottom line; gross, sales; compensation, emolument, income, pay, payment, remittal, requital, salary, wages; interest, return, revenue, yieldNear Antonyms charge, cost, disbursement, expenditure, expense, loss, outgo, outlay

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contemplative of or relative to the past

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