Synonyms and Antonyms of income

  1. 1 an increase usually measured in money that comes from labor, business, or property her summer job gave her some extra income Synonyms earnings, gain(s), incoming(s), proceeds, profit, return, revenue, yield Related Words killing, windfall; salary, take-home pay, tips, wages; bankroll, capital, coffers, exchequer, finances, funds, money, pocket, pocketbook, resources, wherewithal Near Antonyms charge, cost, disbursement, expenditures, expenses, outgo, outlay

  2. 2 a flowing or coming in the income of matériel is still hampered by inadequate logistical support Synonyms affluence, flux, influx, inflow, inpouring, inrushRelated Words deluge, flood, flow, inundation, overflow, spate, torrent; rush, stampede; river, stream, tideNear Antonyms emigration, exodus, flightAntonyms outflow, outpouring

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