Synonyms and Antonyms of wherewithal

  1. 1 available money had the wherewithal to pay cash for the car Synonyms bankroll, coffers, exchequer, finances, pocket, resources, fundRelated Words shirt; bread [slang], cash, chips, currency, dough, gold, jack [slang], legal tender, lucre, pelf, scratch [slang], tender, wampum; assets, capital, deep pockets, fortune, means, opulence, riches, roll, substance, wealth; purse, treasury; cash flow; financingNear Antonyms debts, liabilities; indebtedness

  2. 2 the total of one's money and property people with the wherewithal to be able to afford such a lavish lifestyle Synonyms assets, capital, fortune, means, opulence, riches, substance, wealth, worthRelated Words belongings, chattels, effects, holdings, paraphernalia, possessions, things; bankroll, deep pockets, finances, funds, money, wallet; abundance, affluence, prosperity, success; treasure, valuables; accession, acquisition, personal property, personalty, property; nest egg, reserve, resources, savings, treasuryNear Antonyms debts, liabilities; indebtedness

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