as in to abdicate
to give up (as a position of authority) formally following the election, the incumbent cabinet members resigned their positions so the president could feel free to pick a new administration

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How is the word resign different from other verbs like it?

Some common synonyms of resign are abandon, relinquish, surrender, waive, and yield. While all these words mean "to give up completely," resign emphasizes voluntary relinquishment or sacrifice without struggle.

resigned her position

When would abandon be a good substitute for resign?

Although the words abandon and resign have much in common, abandon stresses finality and completeness in giving up.

abandoned all hope

When is relinquish a more appropriate choice than resign?

The synonyms relinquish and resign are sometimes interchangeable, but relinquish usually does not imply strong feeling but may suggest some regret, reluctance, or weakness.

relinquished her crown

When is it sensible to use surrender instead of resign?

The words surrender and resign can be used in similar contexts, but surrender implies a giving up after a struggle to retain or resist.

surrendered their claims

Where would waive be a reasonable alternative to resign?

The meanings of waive and resign largely overlap; however, waive implies conceding or forgoing with little or no compulsion.

waived the right to a trial by jury

When can yield be used instead of resign?

The words yield and resign are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, yield implies concession or compliance or submission to force.

the troops yielded ground grudgingly

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